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NextendInstallation on WordPress

Installation on WordPress


  • Download the latest installer from our site from the download area.
  • If you installed the free version previously, then you have to delete it! You can do this via the WordPress plugin manager. Be calm our system will keep your slides.
  • Follow the installation steps:


Step 1: Installation

LoginPluginsAdd newUpload in .zip formatBrowse the installerInstall buttonActivate
After the activation you should see two plugins, the Nextend and the Nextend Smart Slider 2

Step 2: Create a new slider

Now you can start using the Smart Slider 2 in the left sidebar:

Creating quick slider

The fastes and easiest slider to create is quick slider. Click on Start and begin the creation of your slider. Take a look at the video tutorial:

Or follow these instructions:
On the bottom of the page you will see the add image option. Use that to pick your images for the slider. If you don’t like the order, or you want to remove one image, then you can drag and drop the images, change their order or delete them. If you click on generate now, then you will have your slider ready, but here are the other options you can change before you do that:

Quick slider configuration
  • Slider name – The name of the slider
  • Slider size – The size of the slider (It will be responsive)

The Canvas size here doesn’t matter. It will only matter if you will want to modify your slider type to one of the accordions.

Animation Settings
  • Animation – Basic sliding animations
  • Properties – The duration, delay and easing of the sliding. If the parallax is lower then 1, then the next slide will start before the other is finished, and the sliding is very interesting this way.
  • Background animation – If you turn this on, then only the here selected animations will be applied, the basic sliding animations won’t.

Choose slider preset and layout

The slider preset are predefined widgets on the slider, like arrows, bullets, etc..
The layout is how the image and texts will show up on the slider.

Step 3: Publish your slider

You can publish the Smart Slider 2 in three different way: via the widget control panel or by shortcode and of course you can add it to your template file too via PHP.

  • Widget control panel: Go to AppearanceWidgets, drag the Nextend Smart Slider 2 widget and drop it into one of your Widget Area. Here you can add a Title and you can choose from your previously created sliders. Finally press the Save button and enjoy your awesome slider!
    Note: You can also choose a custom sliders for tablets, and mobile phones.
  • smart_slider_widget

  • Shortcode:
    1, If you click on your slider’s name, then you can see the shortcode of your slider, which you can copy and paste wherever you would like to use it, for example: pages, articles, etc.

    2, If you go into a page or a post site and switch the editor to Visual view, then you can see our icon. Click on it and choose from the existing sliders.
  • post_page_visual

  • PHP code: Hardcoding the slider into your theme file is very simple . All you have to do is insert the following line into your theme where you want the slider to appear and choose a slider with the ID:
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[smartslider2 slider="2"]'); ?>
  • Shortcode and PHP code with custom tablet and mobile phone sliders:
    If you would like to have custom sliders in your site for tablets and phones, this is what you should do:
    1, Go to your sliders, and get your shortcodes.
    2, Check the id of your sliders. It’s the number after the equal sign.

    For example:

    Main slider: [smartslider2 slider=”1″] -> id:1
    Tablet slider: [smartslider2 slider=”2″] -> id:2
    Phone slider: [smartslider2 slider=”3″] -> id:3

    3, Insert the id-s into this shortcode: [smartslider2 slider=”1″ tablet=”2″ phone=”3″]
    4/1, Now you can go to your post or pages, and put this shortcode in.
    4/2, For hardcoding your sliders into your theme files this is how your code should look like:

    <?php echo do_shortcode('[smartslider2 slider="1" tablet="2" phone="3"]'); ?>

    Options for this shortcode:

    • If you don’t want other slider, then the main one, then write -1 to it:
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[smartslider2 slider="1" tablet="-1" phone="-1"]'); ?>
    • If you don’t want any slider for tablets or mobile phones write 0:
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[smartslider2 slider="1" tablet="0" phone="0"]'); ?>
    • Or you can mix it:
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[smartslider2 slider="1" tablet="-1" phone="0"]'); ?>
    <?php echo do_shortcode('[smartslider2 slider="1" tablet="2" phone="-1"]'); ?>

Alternative installation

You can install the Smart Slider by unzipping the, and the into your computer, and copy these unzipped nextend-smart-slider2-full and nextend folders into your website’s wp-content\plugins\ folder. After this you will see them in your Plugins list, and all you have to do is to activate them.


If you fill out the license key field, you will be able to use the the WordPress plugin updater with Nextend Smart Slider FULL. You can get your license key in the Download area, just login and you will see it in the second row..
Start to create

Alternative update

Deactivate the Nextend and the Nextend Smart Slider 2 Full plugin, then delete them. Download the latest version from our site and install them. Be calm our system will keep your slides.

Errors during installation

Server file upload limit block the installation

Some server has small file upload limit in the php.ini configuration. This causes, that you can not upload the installer to the server. In this case try the alternative installation method or try to increase the limit in php.ini

    upload_max_filesize = 10M
    post_max_size = 10M

The package could not be installed

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.
Plugin install failed

If you receive this error message, then make sure, that you have downloaded the WordPress version of the installer, because defaultly the download button downloads the Joomla installer.

Plugin could not be activated

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error.
It seems like that the WordPress installer can not write /wp-content/plugins
Please install manually the following library plugin: wp-contents/plugins/nextend-accordion-menu/nextend/ => Then you can activate this plugin!

You should follow the instructions of this error message. Download the, and install it as a new plugin, then activate it, and you will be able to activate the Nextend Smart Slider 2 Full plugin too.

Still got an error?

Feel free to contact with our support staff.