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Smart Slider 2 gives you the ability to present your content in a professional and visually stunning way.
The perfect all-in-one responsive slider solution for Joomla, WordPress and Magento.

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General Information

Smart Slider 2 is a user-friendly, highly customizable, responsive solution to integrate sliders into your site. Our customers highly recommend Smart Slider 2. Let’s find out why!

You’ve probably noticed that a lot of modern websites feature content that slides or changes in some way. This is a great technique to highlight multiple pieces of content within a limited space and visually capture the user's attention. Our solution maximizes both your site’s visual impact and efficiency.

Smart Slider 2’s vast feature-set will appeal to both new users and seasoned developers alike. Its elegance and simplicity allows the novice to quickly implement slider solutions, while its powerful feature-set will appeal to those who require customized designs, high-performance galleries or interactive slideshows. View samples of Smart Slider 2’s capabilities on our DEMO site.

purchased Smart Slider 2 to create visually-stunning websites. Our customers rave about our products; check out our reviews on the Joomla! Extensions Directory™. Nextend’s team delivers innovative, high-quality software; switch today and discover a better slider solution!

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Quick Overview
Compatibility Joomla 2.5 - Joomla 3, WordPress 3+,
Magento CE 1.8+, Magento EE 1.13+
Browser Support IE9, Firefox 3+, Safari 5, Opera, Chrome
jQuery version 1.8 or higher
Common generators Images from folder, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, YouTube
Joomla generators Joomla content, Cobalt CCK, K2, ZOO, redSHOP, JoomShopping, MijoShop, Phoca Gallery, Ignite Gallery, VirtueMart 2
WordPress Generators Posts, NextGen Gallery
Magento Generators Products
Current Version 2.3.11 - Changelog
Last Update 14 January 2015
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Introduction to Smart Slider 2

Smart Slider 2 allows placement of multiple items within limited space and provide quick and easy presentation to every slide. You can use the infinite range of possibilities of your slider.

Promotional video
Check out the powerful features of the Smart Slider 2 in this video overview. The perfect all-in-one slider solution for Joomla, Magento and WordPress!
Navigation in the slider
This video demonstrates navigation between sliders and slides. The Slider Dashboard is also highlighted in this live preview.
Quick slider
This is the fastest way to create a totally responsive image slider. Ohh and it's just 2 minutes!
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Bulletproof Backend

Experience total control over the slider’s settings and design. Slider administration is reliable, flexible and intuitive. Check out these powerful features:

Nextend Smart Slider 2 Varied DesignFlexible Design

Our layout builder makes it easy for anyone to design beautiful slider systems in minutes. Grab a new layer and drag it onto the canvas. Drag & drop items with your mouse. Choose from a range of items (text, image, video, iframe, flip, caption, fade, tag, HTML etc.), and customize them without knowledge of HTML or CSS. Easily change colors, fonts, backgrounds, positions and sizes.

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Nextend Smart Slider 2 Font ManagerFont Manager

Smart Slider 2 comes with Google Web Font support, allowing you to pick from over a dozen font families. To make using Google Fonts even easier, we have created a Font Manager interface that simplifies the process and creates a visual font preview. Simply choose the font you want to use from a dropdown menu and the Font Manager will take care of everything else. Or choose your own custom font and define color, size, family, shadow and alignment. And there’s built-in Right-To-Left language support too.

Nextend Smart Slider 2 Font Manager slide #1

Nextend Smart Slider 2 Under the HoodUnder the Hood

Smart Slider 2 comes with a clearly-arranged user interface focused on usability. Slider management is effortless with live preview. The backend is perfectly optimized for Joomla, Magento and WordPress versions. Efficiently control settings with inputs, sliders, buttons and dropdowns. Customize your slider with widgets, arrows, bullets, autoplay buttons and indicators, nav bars, thumbnails, shadowing, etc. You are only limited by your imagination!

Nextend Smart Slider 2 Under the Hood slide #1

Nextend Smart Slider 2 Advanced FeaturesAdvanced Features

One of Smart Slider 2’s most powerful features is the Generator System. With it, you can fully automate your slider and create visually-stunning dynamic content. Showcase related categories from articles, highlight the most popular products from your webshop or share pictures from Flickr. But wait... there’s more! Smart Slider 2 supports touchscreen gestures for mobile devices and tablets. Our slider package also includes a wide array of animation settings. And needless to say, Smart Slider 2 is fully compatible with all modern browsers.

Nextend Smart Slider 2 Advanced Features slide #1

Nextend Smart Slider 2 Varied Slider TypesVaried Slider Types

Unleash your creative genius with our vast assortment of slider types; frontpage slideshow, image slider, image gallery, carousel gallery, content slider/tabs, highlighted content, banner slider, vertical accordion slider, horizontal accordion slider, product slideshow, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) box and portfolio.

And Smart Slider 2 is fully adaptive and responsive, so it will fit perfectly into your page, regardless of the size of your monitor or device.

Nextend Smart Slider 2 Ecommerce Extras slide #1
Nextend Smart Slider 2 - The highest quality. The happiest customers.
Nextend Smart Slider 2 - It is just perfect. Totally worth the price which is very reasonable! by TonyGR.
Nextend Smart Slider 2 - The menu us excellent, really. Easy to setup and customize... The support is awesome! 100% reliable! by Belial
Nextend Smart Slider 2 - The module worth every dime. I'm so amased at how professional software is, and how easily installed and set up... - by Artcop

Most Powerful Features

All of our products include the same reliable, structured codebase. This means that all of our extensions come packed with a host of awesome features right out-of-the-box. Take a tour of these powerful features!


Pricing Plans

Nextend provides a variety of pricing plans to meet your needs. Trusted by over 5,000 developers. Join today and experience the smartest slider system in the world.

Nextend Smart Slider 2 - Choose a bundle Price tag Nextend Smart Slider 2 - Renewal discounts for Subscription bundles Nextend Smart Slider 2 - One time payment bundles


Continuous access with minimum investment

One-time Payment

One-time fee be charged
Personal Business Starter Lifetime
$29 $49
Nextend Smart Slider 2 - Best value
$19 $99
Domain License 1 site license 5 site license 1 site license Unlimited
Download Period 1 month 6 months 1 month Lifetime
Support Period No personal support
Update Period 1 month
Usage Period Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Renewal Period/Fee plus 6 months for $10 plus 6 months for $10 Not available Not needed
Suggested for Pro clients Developers Beginners Big boys
Joomla Extension Included Included Choose one Included
WordPress Plugin Included Included Included
Magento Extension NOT Included Included NOT Included Included
Priority Support Optional Optional Optional Optional
Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now Buy Now
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the payment plans?

Subscription model: After paying the first necessery investment you have to pay a lower amount in every 6 months. In exchange you get continuous big amount renewal discount.
One-time payment model: After a one-time payment you get a fix period for download, support and update. After expiring your access you won't get any renewal discont. So if you would like to get access for the latest version and all of our services, you have to purchase again the whole bundle.
Important: The subscription model is not equal to the membership model. If you would like to use the Smart Slider 2 and the Accordion Menu too, then you have to buy them separately.

Which payment model does fit exactly for my needs?

The biggest difference between the bundles is the number of domain license and the length of download, support and update period. In the light of this, please check the pricing table in detail. The supcription models are much more favorable.

Is it possible to upgrade for a bigger package?

Yes, if you have an active license. For example: you bought a Business package for 50$ and you would like to upgrade it to Lifetime, then you don't have to pay the whole prices (100$) for the bigger package just the difference (50$). Just drop us mail about the upgrade.

What payments do you accept?

We currently accept payments with Credit/Debit Card (Visa®, Mastercard®, American Express®, Discover®, JCB®), check, money order, purchase order or PayPal for Supcription models. And we also accept bank transfer from specific countries but only for the One-time payment models.

What are the steps of the purchase?

After choosing and paying the bundle you will get an email with a download link. Be sure that our email is not in your spam folder. If you have any pre-purchase question just write us.

Can I resell your products?

No this is prohibited. Please take a look at our Terms of Use.

Are you a theme developer?

If the answer is yes then write us because we have a special offer for you.

Do you have an affiliate program?

Yes we have. You can earn 30% commission on each successful sale. Our program is free to join, it’s easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge.

Is there any discount for existing members?

Yes, but it is contained in the subscription payment model. (This discount can reach even the 80% of the price.) In addition you get a 30% off discount coupon code after your succesful purchase.

What happens when my download period expires?

If your download period expires, you can continue to use our products, you have downloaded during your download period. However you will not be able to access new releases, updates and support. (The subscription model ensure continous access.)

After my download period expired, how can I reactivate my account?

Basically, there is no option for that, because the one-time payment model contains a fix download period without reactivation option. In the subsription payment model there is no fix download periode, it can not expire, because the access is continuous. There is one exception, if you cancel the subscription. In this case you have to buy the whole bundle again.

Is the renewal fee automatically charged in subscritpion model?

Yes, but this option can be cancelled anytime. Before charging the fee you will get a notification email.

Where can I choose the version? Joomla or WordPress?

You get automatically access for the Joomla extension and for the WordPress plugin. So you can download both version with one purchase, except in the Starter package because there you have to choose a platform.

And what is about the TAX?

Our payment provider located in USA and will calculate the TAX based on your country. If you are EU company, you can use EU VAT number for 0% TAX.

What does site license mean?

You can get support on as many concurrent sites as your licenses allows.

What kind of license applies to the modules?

Version 2 or newer of the GNU General Public License.


Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing top level support for our extensions and we have a number of ways. Support deals with installation, issues arising from features and of course bug fixes.

Support Schedule

Before asking questions, please be sure that you have read the documentation. It covers installation, usage, and often answers the vast majority of questions. Also be sure to check the tutorials on the demo for more explanations. If you still aren't sure or have any more questions don't hesitate to ask on the form below.

Our team is based in Hungary (GMT+1) so please be aware of any time difference. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours. The mailbox will be monitored Monday through Friday and questions will be answered in order received.

Scope of Support

Support covers: getting setup, trouble using any features, and bug fixes. Regretfully we cannot provide support for modifications or 3rd party plugins.

Social Network

We are also very active on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us for the latest updates, fixes, posts or product releases. Write us your ideas and needs about our products because your opinion is very important for us. I hope you enjoy our extensions.