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Opening of the Nextend

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We are already demonstrated our abilities in the Joomla world with Smart Slider and Accordion Menu. Now we would like to extend our territory to the WordPress too, because we have enough experience to develop and maintain professional plugins and extensions for both platform, so we launched our new business, the Nextend.

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Who are we?

We are a team with professional skills and huge ambitions. :) When we are out of ideas, we will write more about us, but it won’t be tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜‰

What is Nextend?

Quality, reliability, experience, innovation, support, hobby, passion, vocation, some other good sounding words and our every single day. We are working to set a new standard both in quality and design for WordPress and Joomla.

What is the future?

We will rule the world! Just kidding… In this year we would like to create some free plugins for Joomla and WordPress. The first one is a social login and register plugin for WordPress, which will support a very fast sign in process for Facebook, Google and Twitter users. The other extension is a secret, but we will hint some informations and screenshots on our Twitter and Facebook channels!

In 1st january, 2013 we are going to take Smart Slider and Accordion Menu and the extensions will continue under the Nextend name.

How can you reach us?

Roland (Developer) –

Daniel (Designer) –

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16 thoughts on “Opening of the Nextend

  1. I am a WordPress/web designer beginner with only basic knowledge of HTML/CSS. Even so I found the Social Login product very easy to use. Acutally the hardest part was obtaining the Client ID’s and Secret Keys for the social networks in question.

    We are similar in that we are both entrepreneurs. Being in such a position customer feedback is critical. I am here to give you my full two cents not only because I’d like to help but if it helps Nextend do better then Nextend can grow, prosper, and people like me can reap the rewards of having such a great company around.

    The Social Plugin. I love it. It’s EASY to install which is paramount; I can not express that enough. On top of that it comes out of the box with a button generator. So right from the get go I knew that the Nextend Social Plugin would be what I’d be using. However, nothing is perfect so I’d like to offer my full two cents on how to make your Social Plugin better and dominate this niche.

    Firstly, the choice between being able to Login on the same page as the blog OR go to a separate page for Login would be huge. As great as the plugin is I feel having to go to a separate login page breaks the experience I’m trying to convey. Provide a choice between ‘inline’ login or separate.

    Secondly, a wider selection of login buttons INCLUDING a good selection of official buttons would be great. It’s not that the Nextend buttons aren’t designed well… they ARE… it’s just having the option to include the official buttons would be one less thing a disruptive competitor could offer that you don’t have in your package. After you get the official buttons in there then you should really consider button customization such borders, colors, block element, or inline.

    Thirdly an all in one plugin install would make sense considering how seamlessly your Facebook, Google, and Twitter plugins work together already. Still keep separate plugin installs available for those that would like it but for people like me that feel Nextend is the basket to put all their social login eggs into, let me!

    Fourth, provide the option for people that use Social Login to have their names/avatars be links back to their respective profiles. Social Login allows people to easily enter the discussion. However, being able to contact people on an individual basis who provide great feedback would be great. Example: Hey Lihim Sidhe we here at Nextend really appreciated your comments on our main page. We wanted to email you personally just to let you know… blah blah blah.” See, how awesome would that be? Just make it an option… not mandatory.

    Fifth, after you address the first four suggestions start working on Nextend generated Facebook like buttons, Tweet this buttons, and Google +1 buttons. As it stands I’ll have to go to someone else other than Nextend for these options and I’d really love to stay within the Nextend fold if I could.

    Sixth, after all of those are met start expanding to different social logins with the same approach. You know for the life of me, I wonder why no one has made a DeviantArt login system… it’s only the world’s biggest and best art site for crying out loud. Why hasn’t no one cracked the same issue with a Reddit Login system? Wikia? See where I’m going? After you tackle the big three social networks (Facebook, Google, Twitter) you can go the same route everyone else does, offer something no one else has, or somewhere inbetween.

    Hope this helps!

    1. First of all thanks a lot for your constructive feedback, I highly appreciate it. And also a special thanks for your detailed and meaningful ideas. I try to reply all of your ideas:
      1, Yes this feature is quite logical so we’ll try to implement ASAP.
      2-3, When we create this plugin, we would like to create a generator like you wrote because of the variety. (borders, fonts, color etc.) And also it’ll be better with CSS instead of static pictures.(with CSS we have responsive support too, I think it’s very important nowadays) Usually our products for Joomla was exactly this kind of softwares, so I totally understand your needs. Here is two pictures about our custom backend under Joomla. Check our own developments:Theme Manager, Font Manager

      But when we released these plugins we tried to create it as fast as we can, because we need visitors. This is the main reason of our button generator too. We could implement the generator and the 3 plugin into one plugin, but then nobody would like to visit our site. Now it’s a necessary inconvenience, but this it the price of our free softwares.
      4, Likewise a great idea, that we have to implement.Thanks again. :)
      5-6, Yes in the future this features seems logic/necessary steps.

      After your comment I decided that I will greater emphasis on our free plugins. Now we have to create a platform for our commercial Joomla extensions, but I promise after this we’ll implements most of your ideas. I hope you’ll write us a ton of good idea in the future. Have a nice day Lihim! :)

  2. @Daniel: Thank you VERY much for your response. I poked around on your website and saw that you and your team are very hands on with your customers/users. It’s good because that experience is what will keep people like me sticking around even when a disruptive product does come along.

    I just want to to respond to your responses! :)

    1. Awesome!

    2-3. I think there may have been a misunderstanding. Right now in my WordPress plugin menu there are three entries for Nextend (Facebook, Google, and Twitter Connect) plugins. It would be nice to just see ONE plugin called Nextend Social Connect that could manage all three social networks (or however many Nextend ends up scaling to). A simple enable/disable option for a given social network connect feature would be sweet in the event a user wants to use fewer than the maximum provided.

    As far as getting people to your site there is one word for that: community. If your site hosts a community then your site will have a lot more life and activity. One suggestion worth considering is allowing your user base to submit their own buttons to your button generator. If you nail streamlining this process then it won’t be long before you have dozens, hundreds, if not thousands of button selections to choose from with little work on your behalf. You would just need a system to curate the good from the bad which good be as simple as the number of aggregated Facebook Likes and Google +’s. Name one of your competitors doing that right now. How hard would it be to implement? How much would it cost? If the answers are not difficult and expensive you and your team should be all up in that idea. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    This is something I’d actually pay for or at the very least paying for a ‘drag and drop your own image’ functionality into the Social Connect Plugin. And this all started because I HATE how the Facebook Like button looks… just some big stupid thumb.

    4. Just make sure that if you do implement this that linking back to a profile is turned off by default. Not everyone will be keen to this idea and having to uncheck a box would be an obstacle to them. However, to people like me that would love to be contacted by like minded people… I’ll check the hell out of that ‘link back’ box!

    I was curious… how does Nextend make money? Is it just from Joomla (I honestly don’t even know what that is) plugins? I installed some promising looking WordPress Plugins only to find out to get at the good features one needs to pay some ridiculous amount.

    Price how you want but I suggest a pricing limit of $60 a year with descending tiers from there. Why I say $60 a year is because that’s what I pay for XBox Live which is a great, value infused service that allows me to game, talk, and connect with gamers all across the world in a seamless way. It’s still up to you to decide what’s free and what’s paid but honestly anything more than $60 is pushing it. Do feel free to jack up the prices for month by month payments though ๐Ÿ˜‰

    You and your team really have a talent for clean and elegant designs. It might be worth your while to submit some themes to WordPress… both paid and free.

    Thanks again for responding. :)

    1. Social Connect: Me and roland will discuss thoroughly this theme, but I’m sure that we will change a lot of things in the future. :)

      Money: We would like to sell premium quality softwares for CMS systems. (Joomla is a CMS too such as WP) We start it in 2013, for both platform. The interesting point will be our unique business and pricing model. I guarantee that everybody will find exactly what needs. But it’s top secret. ๐Ÿ˜€

      Themes: Nowadays there are lot of theme developer, but the customer often need a good softwares, that extend these CMS systems. For example: an amazing menu system, a slider, a search with AJAx support etc. So I think when we create some good extension instead of themes than it’s much better for our customers, so we would like to be as customer centric as possible. On the other hand we have some experience in this segment.

      I will write you an email Lihim with some details in a private.

      1. The intention for me suggesting Nextend make some awesome themes is just to raise awareness of the Nextend brand. If a blogger likes a theme by this unknown company called Nextend they may wonder what else Nextend may produce. It’s essentially free advertisement. Create something simple and elegant (you know something that plays to your strengths) and I guarantee it will raise awareness of your brand. If it takes you a week to create a theme and for the lifetime of that theme it only brings 10 extra people to the Nextend brand… that’s worth it in my opinion.

        Where did you send that email? Ha, if you don’t have it then that proves my suggestion of an option to backlink to one’s profile isn’t a bad idea at all. Talk to you later! :)

  3. I am very happy with your joomla extensions you makes them great coded and they have a new generation interface which makes admin settings too easy.
    Thanks for your great job and service.

  4. I have installed the Nextend for Facebook on the WP 3..9.2 (I think that’s what they are up to) any way it runs great and is a true Jem! thank you for creating such a thing. I tried to do it without a plugin, but i’m not 100% savvy with code yet. I did wonder though, with the twitter version of this plugin it causes a hole in my SSL. so I have disabled it for now. did I miss something? either way a big thank you!

  5. I am planning to use your free plugin Nextend Google Connect. I have tested it and it seems to work perfectly in my case. Thanks! :-)

    However now I hear disturbing rumors that Google is going to change the API for login. Will you support this in your free plugin? (I would be glad to not do it myself since I am going to use it on a non-commercial site!)

  6. Dear Sir;
    Here my name is Seang Y, From Cambodia.
    I have purchased a Theme Classiads since 2 weeks ago, Right now I have some problem related to the Nextend Facebook Connect, Nextend Twitter connect, Nextend Google connect.
    1.The problem with login or Register new users via Facebook, it alert error ” Login error!”
    2. For Register new users , the users didn’t received the E-mail confirm password and link confirmation for login .That’s mean the user registration didn’t receive any confirm E-mail in their inbox.

    So, In order to the problem as above, I need you or someone can help and give the advise to me. Could you please help to support me now?
    Thank you very much;
    I am waiting to hear from you soon.

    Best regards;

    Seang Y

    1. Please write us a mail to [email protected]

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