The Smart Slider 2 is available for Joomla and WordPress! Click for the demo! (Now you get both slider with one purchase.)
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We made a couple of predefined slider demos to show you how universal is the Smart Slider for Joomla and WordPress. After the numbering you can see the Slider type and below that there is some fully working demo with short description. Smart Slider includes all of these slider types and you can select varied payment bundle. Also don't forget to check the tutorials under the following sliders: UP, TOP 5, Latest Articles, Smile (from folder), Product Slideshow.

1, Default Sliders

Simple, clean design with amazing effects.

Tales New York Panorama


2, Simple Horizontal Sliders

Simple horizontal motion to show discretely your content to your visitors.



3, Simple Vertical Sliders

One-dimensional vertical movement for the perfect slideshows.

Tangled Travel Banner


4, Photo Sliders

Special motion in photo frames.

Brave Smile


5, Horizontal Accordion Sliders

The tabs help you to display the related contents in intuitive form.

Transformers Rio


6, Vertical Accordion Sliders

Vertically tabbed content display with multidimensional motion support.

Frequently asked questions(FAQ) box TOP 5


7, Slider Generators

Learn how to automate your slider.

Latest Articles Smile (folder version) Product Slideshow